Ten Tips for Staging Your Home for Optimal Appeal

Staging your home is the best way to promote your home in the real estate market. To prepare your home for sale, home staging helps optimize the flow of your home, eliminate clutter and position furniture in a more enticing arrangement and enhances its curb appeal.

With staging, your home can make a great first impression on buyers, which is key to selling it quickly and for the most money. Since buyers have made up their minds within 10 seconds of pulling into your driveway or walking up to your home, you need it to be as attractive and appealing as possible.

We provide the services of a staging professional with every listing we receive. Our stager will help your home put its best face forward so it’ll show better. As part of their service, our professional stager will:

1.    Remove excess furniture
Rooms sometimes get overcrowded. If this is the case, move some furniture into storage in your basement, garage or rental storage unit. This will open up the room and make it appear more spacious and airy.

2.    Well placed furnishings can open up a room
Avoid lining furniture along all four walls. Try placing some on an angle. Include an area for conversation. If you have a focal point such as a bay window or fireplace, arrange the furniture to enhance it.

3.    Eliminate clutter
You want buyers to notice the house not your personal belongings. Remove collections (including magazines), knick-knacks and overfilled bookcases. Remove personal items such as photos as well. Clear your kitchen and bathroom counters of appliances, jars, bottles, etc. Less is more in this case.

4.    Our sense of smell is a strong one
Our sense of smell can remind us of what we liked and disliked. It will have a lasting impression on potential buyers. Weather permitting, open windows to let in fresh air. Consider baking cookies or bread for an inviting fragrance and then leave it out for buyers to eat. This provides a pleasing aroma associated with home and gives the visitors a treat too. They should leave with pleasant thoughts of your home.

5.    Natural light is best
Open up blinds, curtains and drapes to bathe your home in natural light. Be sure your windows are clean, both inside and out.

6.    Put out guest towels and attractive soaps
Attractive towels and rugs add a pleasing aesthetic to your home’s ambiance. Rugs should be in good condition and not placed on carpeting. It may appear as if you’re trying to cover a stain. Make your beds and be sure the bedspread or comforter is in good condition.

7.    When possible, hang or place a container garden on the porch or at the entry
Plant mature plants instead of starters. Adding a seasonal bouquet will brighten any room and can be an inexpensive touch.

8.    A clean home is more attractive
Be sure your whole house is clean and pay extra attention to your home’s entrance, kitchen and baths.

9.    Make your home more welcoming
Buy a new welcome mat and place it at the entrance.

10.    Add a seasonal wreath to your front door for an inviting touch

By staging your home so it shows best, you will have a much easier time selling it quickly and for more money. Remember, as part of our listing package, you get the professional services of a home stager. Call us now to see how we can help you set the stage for greater selling potential.

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