Planning Your Move

To help you organize your move, we’ve included this handy checklist. Following these steps will make moving easier and less stressful. Check off each item as it’s completed and you’ll be prepared for a smooth move.

Several weeks before your move:

  1. Go through your storage stuff and see what you can sell, donate or throw away.
  2. Organize your moving-related documents and keep them handy. Remember, some of your moving expenses are tax-deductible.
  3. Request our Relocation Kit which includes a change of address form and other useful items for moving.
  4. Notify magazine subscriptions and credit card companies of your address change.
  5. Schedule termination of service with your utility providers.
  6. Schedule connection of service with your new utility providers.
  7. Make necessary repairs on your home.
  8. Pack items used infrequently.
  9. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes so they aren’t too heavy to carry.
  10. Contact your doctor, dentist and vet to get copies of your records.
  11. Make travel arrangements for your trip.
  12. Start using up perishable foods and other things that cannot be transported.
  13. Get school records or arrange for their transfer to the new school.
  14. Go through your things to see what can be sold, donated or thrown away.
  15. Hold a yard sale and contact a charity such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army to pick up donatable items.
  16. Start packing items and labeling contents of boxes.
  17. Contact your insurance company to cancel or transfer coverage.
  18. Arrange for the transportation of your pets and houseplants.

One week prior to your move:

  1. Cancel or transfer your bank accounts.
  2. Transfer your prescriptions to a pharmacy in your new town.
  3. Cancel newspaper service.
  4. Dispose of flammable items that can’t be moved (i.e., batteries and cleaners)
  5. Drain gas-powered tools such as lawnmowers.

One to two days prior to your move:

  1. Set aside items that are going with you and not on the moving truck.
  2. Pay your bills and indicate your new address.
  3. Remove window treatments that you will be taking with you.
  4. Confirm delivery schedule with moving company and provide directions to your new home. Give them a phone number where they can reach you during the move.
  5. Gather important documents, jewelry, collectibles, photos and computer data to take with you. Don’t have the movers pack and move these items. Set them aside in a secure area where they won’t accidentally be picked up by the movers.
  6. Notify neighbors and police if your old home will be vacant.

On moving day:

  1. Empty and defrost your refrigerator and freezer.
  2. When the movers arrive, review the paperwork and go over the details of where the boxes will be placed in each room.
  3. Clean your home or arrange for a cleaning service.

Move in day:

  1. Unpack your car.
  2. Make sure the utilities have been connected.
  3. Keep your pets in a room to keep them from running away.
  4. Check the inventory sheets as boxes are unloaded and direct the movers to the rooms in which they belong.

That should take care of everything so you will be organized and less stressed during the moving process. Good luck and enjoy your new home!

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